Vacationing in the Blue-Blooded's Nest

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Southern Sun Hotel and the popular Golden Gate Restaurant, Alfred Rilwane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Wandering is my forte, for while at it I find often in my tracks things lost in my soul. Each new direction I face seems to bring one or more perspective to my pre-occupation and every new face, nature and interaction encountered always possesses the potential of persuading often rigid biases that have till the moment limit solution. That, life only can teach you over time. But that wasn’t clear until the early 20’s of my young life, being plagued decisions avalanche and crossroads. By the way, have you ever had a walk all by yourself in a solitary woodland, maybe with streams?

Wandering, or if I may tourism, is more about exploring new especially unknown environments for increased inspiration while refreshing the human systems for higher productivity. Tourism is like godliness, it pays off often way more than lottery. So you may want to consider this reserved nest, Ikoyi Lagos, for your next vac.

As Wikipedia accurately puts it, Ikoyi is the most affluent community in Lagos. It boasts of Africa’s most valuable real estate collections with a 3-bedroom flat now going for between N2,000,000 and N10,000,000 price tag in rent according the online real estate portal, These talk about an exclusive community of the elite and that comes with a level of security and orderliness rare to come by in many other Nigerian communities you may have visited in recent times. Ikoyi is home to the blue-blooded; it is where multinationals’ expats wine, dine and nest. It is their haven, so vacationing here at any time assures you of serene moments. The rich usually, you know, are quiet and easy-going. Having lived in the neighborhood for the past 11 consecutive years, I can tell Ikoyi is an environment that encourages healthy lifestyle. Social life aside, nature is still very much preserved here. Many foreign cities are tagged ‘concrete jungles’, but that in most ways does not fit much of the Ikoyi communities: the Old Ikoyi, Park View Estate, Banana Island, Dolphin and even Osborne. The streets are beautifully lined with green trees constantly emitting the Oxygen gas for well-balanced ecosystem. And these are almost zero-incineration zones with one of the most efficient waste disposal system and the cleanest environment. This is your sure bet for a healthy short- or long-term stay.

The renowned life coach and management consultant, Bankole Williams, once advised that if you are trying to become rich, leave your neighborhood and go to Banana Island and look around. This is because he posited that the environment provides enviable references to the possibilities of human dreams. In essence, Ikoyi is perfect place to retreat, re-access life and afterwards launch for the moon. This is what a work-break in the right environment should achieve for you. Vacationing here will pay back in zillion folds the investment you make on this work-break.

You will enjoy an environment with top-notch infrastructures whatever your option of accommodation is: staying with a relative, in a hotel room or in your property. Most of the roads here have been consciously developed with walk ways for pedestrians and are very much suitable for your daily walk-out or biking.  Oh, may I say if you’re lucky to live in one these ubiquitous high rises, you will definitely be so blessed with both ocean and lagoon view. The view is soothing and refreshing! Oh it gives you more insight into the creator’s investment in nature. You can’t wait for a visit here. And, If you really care about fitness, you will be spurred on every time you hit the roads coming across many like-minded people in this micro Cosmo polis. Several hotels in Ikoyi have gym in addition to the few gyms available to the public. So you will not only enjoy seeing what life looks like from the part of this sub-Sahara, but you will also be returning to your base fit psychologically and physiologically. Try a walk on the magnificent Ikoyi-Lekki link bridge, your heart will leap in awe. The life of the rich is quite different and can be well understood while here.

When you eventually make it here for your vac, pretend to be rich or just live like one if you truly are. Pop into some really exciting places, like the very popular Golden Gate restaurant, Southern Sun Hotel, see historic artifacts at the Onikan museum, and relish the view of Falomo round-about amongst other places. A five-minute outward drive will take you to any of the two movie theaters around. About the same distance away, the bar beach rumbles with waves anxiously awaiting your admiration. The memory you absorb here will linger longer than you’re prepared for. 

Odiaka Sunday
He is the wanderer-in-chief at O'Reilly, researching and writing on the need for voluntary temporary disengagement of professionals and the benefits of vacation. He aims to spur professionals of different generations into their highest level of productivity in the workplace as a result of a well-refreshed mind.


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Kolade Jan 11 2017 06:19

It's a great piece and a good description of Ikoyi, which i am looking forward to exploring further. Tourism surely pays more than lottery.